Anonymous asked
What do I do when this is my last chance to be good and do good and I can already feel it getting fucked up? I just want people to care about me as much as I do them but nobody ever does. I'm so fucking disposable. I any depend on other people for my happiness, I know, but is it too much to ask not to be treated like dirt? I hate this I hate me and I hate what I'm doing. No one ever stays even when they promise they will. What the fuck is wrong with me

It’s pretty hard to get knocked down over and over again and constantly feel like you’re the only one there to pick yourself up. The way other people treat you will never make you disposable by any means. Sure you could say “fuck’em who needs them?” but it really goes against what you want to feel as a human, you want to be loved, you want to be held, you want the promises people make to you to be sound and genuine but that is not always the case. I won’t sit here knowing very little about your situation and bombard you with the cliche ” all you really need is to love yourself and all your dreams will come true.”  You hurt and you learn and all I can offer you is the strength that you already have in yourself to know nothing is wrong with you. Keep your promises and love throughout cause our lives begin and end in a second in this universe and know there is never a last chance to be good or do good.

Whiskey tonight to celebrate and I need everyone on their game asking me things cause I’m feelin a little sassy